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What is the Organizer Support Program?

OSP is a new pilot that CEA’s groups team is running this upcoming semester to provide existing EA uni groups with mentorship and advice.

We think the playbook for established EA groups is currently pretty underdeveloped. This means that, at the current margin, providing more tailored mentorship and guidance to group organizers at established groups seems to be a better strategy. This intuition has been strengthened by the fact that organizers at more established groups have reported mentorship as the most useful component of UGAP for them.

We anticipate being constrained by mentor capacity and we cannot commit to offering mentorship to everyone who is interested in receiving it. Instead, we plan to prioritize offerings based on our analysis of who could benefit most from mentorship.

For groups that we are able to support outside of UGAP, we expect the range of the OSP will provide will span a pretty wide range. By default, we anticipate suggesting one of these four types of mentorship to most groups: