Last updated: 17th November, 2023

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1. Funding for Group Expenses

a. CEA Group Support Grants

Requirements: to cover group expenses of EA Groups, including things like EA books, food and drinks at events, software, advertising costs, venue hiring, and retreat costs. Unfortunately, at this time, CEA’s Groups Team does not provide group support funding for AI safety groups. AI Safety groups can apply for group support funding from the Open Philanthropy’s University Organizer Fellowship. Before we had a firm policy in place, we gave out some bespoke grants but have now coordinated with Open Philanthropy for them to own the funding for AI Safety groups.

Amount: no specific limit; usual amounts range from $2,000 to $8,000 per year

Turnaround time: Check here

Duration: Any between 1-12 months, but usually 6-12 months

b. CEA's Rapid Group Funding

Requirements: For organisers already in touch with CEA’s Groups Team that have an urgent upcoming expense

Amount: Up to $5,000

Turnaround time: Check here

Duration: for one-off events/projects, ideally within a month from the application date

c. Open Philanthropy's University Group Funding

Requirements: for university group expenses. Intended for the following (non-exhaustive) list of expenditures: